About Gulf Skills

Gulf skills General Trading and Contracting was established in 2005 with a capital estimated at 1,000,000 KD Million Kuwaiti dinars , the company achieved during the early years a good growth rate through some small projects that the company has shown through its ability to absorb more of the business, and then the company was able under the leadership of the Board of Directors made up of a group of people with experience and competence to find for itself a place among the major companies in the State of Kuwait and the rest of the world, and continued on the same approach to this day and has become the pursuit of development is the primary goal of the company .

It is worth mentioning that the company's management took it upon themselves to invest in the energies of youth sons and daughters of Kuwait and brotherly and friendly countries in order to benefit from their expertise in the local labor market .

This is the grace of God expands the company's work even spread to more than 15 countries around the world including: Turkey, Thailand, Sweden, the Arab Republic of Egypt, Azerbaijan, the United States, Belgium, Italy and many others countries .


Eyeing the Gulf skills management company to be in the ranks of major companies in collaboration with its customers and the principle of cooperation And achieve the best results taken Gulf skills a title company in its dealings that (Clients Partners).